Your Child Deserves a Better Night's Sleep!

9 out of 10 children suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing Symptoms, including Bed-Wetting

Did you know that bedwetting and other behavioral problems can be linked to childhood sleep disorders? In the videos below, Dr. Lee Ostler explains why this happens and what you can do to fix the problem for good.

The Central Issue

The central issue for children suffering with Sleep Disordered Breathing is related to a compromised airway. With a constricted or under-developed airway your child struggles to receive enough oxygen at night.

Instead of getting a restful night’s sleep, the reduction in oxygen causes stress hormones to be produced. Despite being “asleep”, this subtle form of suffocation is very unsettling to the brain. It can create a “flight or fight” response and is sometimes accompanied by nightmares / night terrors … all of which yields restless sleep and prevents good REM and deep Delta-stage health-restoring sleep. Bed wetting and lack of bladder control is another one of the unpleasant outcomes that happen with an imbalance of oxygen and stress hormones which create a “fight or flight” stress response.

Bedwetting Causes

Bedwetting is more common than you think. One in six kids (actually 18.1%) ages 4-12 suffer from bedwetting. Bedwetting can be caused by an imbalance of oxygen due to airway constriction and mouth breathing – which can cause your body to produce stress hormones (“fight or flight”) – and we know how to fix it!  

Bedwetting Treatment

Treatment for bedwetting is easy, safe, effective, and in some cases immediate. Kids and their parents love the ability to sleep restfully and ‘dry’ throughout the night.

The Negative Aspects of Mouth-Breathing in Children

  • Contributes to a constricted airway
  • Contributes to “crooked teeth” and mal-aligned jaws
  • Interferes with success of orthodontic treatment
  • Impairs proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in lungs
  • Puts tongue in floor of mouth – interferes with proper swallow reflex
  • Contributes to speech problems, improper swallowing, and head posture
  • Contributes to tonsil enlargement and inflammation
  • Linked to sleep disturbances and restless sleep
  • Associated with behavioral problems and learning difficulties
  • Associated with impaired lack of growth and development

Our Treatment

The Phase One - Healthy Start System

Treatment involves the use of a series of uniquely designed oral appliances which children wear for just a few hours during the day and/or while sleeping. These soft comfortable appliances correct tongue posture and swallowing habits, and help create a better airway with less mouth breathing. These appliances combined with natural forces, help guide facial growth and jawbone development, wider dental arches, and straighter teeth – just as nature intended – all naturally!

Give Children the Healthy Natural Start They Deserve

The final results of this innovative method are a healthy, happier child with a beautiful smile full of straight teeth … all while naturally developing the airway to support healthy breathing and normal growth and development through adulthood.

Home Assessment

Download the Home Study by clicking on the line below to fill out a short assessment to see if your child has any of the signs or symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing. Problems with childhood bedwetting are generally accompanied by several other problems – any of which can indicate that there is an underlying problem with breathing and normal growth and development of the face, jaws and airway.

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