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What Sets Us Apart

We believe you come wanting the best solutions to your problems, in having a clear path forward that yields great health, well-being, confidence, and peace-of-mind.

This is a simple and honest philosophy. It cuts through the confusion of a changing marketplace preoccupied with insurance company rules and high-volume impersonal care. Our focus is excellence, customized care and doing right. It’s about being a steward, a servant, and a wellness coach to help you spend less and enjoy more!

That’s why you can count on us to take time to understand where you’re coming from, and in working with high standards that provide excellence in care – all designed to deliver better health, decreased healthcare costs, and a healthy happy smile.

The Center for Dental Health in Richland

Our operating principles are equally straight-forward:

  • Listen and treat people with respect, and honor their values.
  • Be honest and thorough about health conditions.
  • Offer our best with a pathway toward wellness, happy smiles, and peace-of-mind.

On a Good day we save a smile. On a Great day we save a life!

A Note Straight From the Patient Seat...

From time to time our patients send in little notes, cards, thank yous and such regarding the dental work / service that we've done for them.

Cindy McKay 5.13.00

I am writing to you to share with you the amazing experience that touched my life and opened ups confidence and courage within myself that has transcended known and unknown obstacles in my life!


Eighteen years ago something had to be done to help me with my top front six teeth. As a baby I had become very sick with a high fever while my teeth were forming in my gums. I thankfully survived however when my permanent teeth came in, they had three needle size holes through each one of them. I was very self-conscious my whole life. 


I was sent to Dr. Lee Ostler DDS. He masterfully gave me six lovely and health front teeth and I know space was a difficult challenge. THIS was a game changer! I became aware of my healthy smile and wanted the rest of me to match it!  All the inhibitions I’d had all my life evaporated!  My face WANTED to smile!! Working as a nurse there would be times that a patient would need a reassuring smile or getting ready to sing and play my guitar- a smile will break out!


Dr. Ostler and his staff could not be more accommodating to help someone. I wish for each of you that I know & those I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting to experience health and a smile from the inside out.

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