Sedation Dentistry – The Perfect Solution if You Are You Afraid of the Dentist!

Dr. Lee Ostler
Dec 14, 2016

Most people can manage a trip to the dentist with not much more than a little anxiety. After all, it isn’t like a picnic in the park! But for some people, going to the dentist can be very stressful. Whether this is because of a bad experience at the dentist as a child, or because of other issues, dental phobia is a fear that often makes it very difficult for some people to properly take care of their dental needs and to protect their oral health and their beautiful smile.

Dental fears can often be very embarrassing. In addition to the pain or anguish long ignored dental problems can bring, there is a potentially high social cost to having bad breath, broken teeth and fillings, dingy stained smiles, and missing teeth.

People who avoid treatment due to excessive or unmanageable fears or anxieties, don’t get the care they want and need. They don’t have a nice or confident smile and their dental problems spiral out of control continuing to get worse. In addition to the mounting costs for this extra treatment if ignored, it can also impact you in your career. Most people in America today believe that a bad smile can hurt career opportunities.

But today the answer can be as simple as …

At the Center For Dental Health, we understand that these fears are real. We believe that dealing with people’s concerns is as important as fixing their cavities and broken teeth. That’s why we offer “Sedation Dentistry.” You fix and erase years of worry and dental problems easily and quickly – all while you are relaxed comfortably through the dental visit.

Think of it like taking a nap on the beach!

Sedation Dentistry is done by taking a safe sedative medication prior to dental treatment. While it doesn’t really put you to sleep (hence the reason why we don’t refer to it as “sleep dentistry”), it does produce a profound sense of relaxation and amnesia (can’t remember). Even though it has proven to be very safe, instructions must be carefully followed for “sedation dentistry” procedures, because you will definitely be sedated.

Because of this, you will be asked to have an escort – someone to bring you to the dental office and to drive you home at the conclusion of the appointment. Additionally, they will need to remain at the office waiting, or make themselves available with a cell phone or pager. Even though you will be sedated, you will be awake and responsive and very relaxed. You might be woozy or disoriented, so you cannot walk alone or unassisted.

Following your visit, you will discover that you won’t be able to remember very much about the appointment. Even though you may think you feel okay, we will insist that your escort take you home and keep an eye on you for the next few hours. We suggest that you take it easy for the rest of the day.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Safety: It’s safe! We use a very safe medication with a wide safety margin and specially designed for dental settings, along with constant monitoring to assure your safety and comfort.
  • It’s Easy: You take a small pill prior to treatment. That’s it! No IVs or intravenous tubes or needles.
  • No Memory: You’ll have little or no memory of the appointment. You won’t worry about sounds, sights or smells. Almost like it never happened – except for the fixed teeth and great smile!
  • Totally Numb: People with trouble getting numb find sedation dentistry eliminates this problem.
  • Total Relaxation: Relax for up to five to six hours after taking the pill, totally adjusted to fit your need.
  • Fast Care: Multiple appointments can be done in as little as one visit – all while totally relaxed and comfortable.
  • No Gag: Sedation stops gagging – cold!
  • TMJ Problems: Sedation helps relax the jaw muscles making treatment more comfortable to the jaw joint and tight muscles.
  • Less Fatigue: Sedation dentistry is not only safe, but it also reduces the fatigue of extended dental treatment requiring long visits.

It really works! You really can relax (even snooze) your way through dental appointments.

At The Center for Dental Health, we want to do everything we can to make your visits as pleasant as possible.

If you want to learn more about Sedation Dentistry and how it can help you. Request our Free Report.

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