Your Smile, Your Confidence, Your Career

Dr. Lee Ostler
Oct 28, 2016

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but we all do! One of the first judgments we make with people is how they smile and how confident they are. In fact it’s difficult to not form an immediate opinion about someone based on their smile. Smiles say a lot about who a person is, how confident they are, and even how successful they are. Like beauty, a smile is more than skin deep and your face seems to know if your smile feels confident or not.

Whether it’s because of the good fortunes of nature or due to the artistry and experience of an experienced dentist, attractive smile always follow the principles of cosmetic smile design. When they do, life changing miracles can happen! Confidence, career success and social poise are the hallmarks of bright happy smiles. Your radiant and confident smile is perhaps one of the most important accessories you wear, certainly one that you never take off. It goes a long way in telling others who you are and how you regard yourself. This is true because people are naturally attracted to you because of how you feel about yourself. Since your smile sells you, you may consider what yours is selling?

If you’ve not already done so, your next step might be to schedule a more in-depth consultation for a thorough review of these cosmetic smile-design principles. This will help you better understand exactly what cosmetic dentistry can do to help your smile and your life.

Like it or not your confidence and the way you project yourself is highly dependent on your smile. It impacts every facet of your life, including your career, your social relationships and just how you might feel about yourself.

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