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What Sets Us Apart

We believe you come wanting the best solutions to your problems with a clear path forward so that you can enjoy great health, confidence, and well-being.

This is a simple and honest philosophy because it cuts through the clutter and speaks the truth. It’s about being a steward, a servant, and a wellness coach – and doing things right the first time!

We are experts at the routine as well as the exquisite – from helping you stop dental decay and control gum disease, to making you look ten years younger with today’s advanced science and techniques.

What you can count on is that we won’t apologize for our high standards or give wishy-washy recommendations that rob you of your health, confidence and wind up costing you more.

When people discover the cost of disease and neglect (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, infection, broken-down teeth and aging smiles, headaches, sleep problems, and bad dentistry, to name a few) they recognize that it’s time to take action to end the disease process and protect and safeguard their health.

Our job is to offer you the personalized care that leads to better health, decreased costs – and smiles that look good, feel good and last a long time.

The Center for Dental Health in Richland

Our operating principles are equally straight-forward:

  • Listen and treat people with respect, and honor their values.
  • Be honest and thorough about health conditions.
  • Offer our best with a pathway toward wellness, happy smiles, and peace-of-mind.

On a Good day we save a smile. On a Great day we save a life!

The Center for Dental Health
1518 Jadwin Avenue
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