Child Sleep Apnea & Bedwetting

Your Child Deserves A Better Night's Sleep

Did you know that bedwetting and other behavioral problems can be linked to childhood sleep disorders? In fact, 9 out of 10 children suffer from sleep-disordered breathing symptoms, including bedwetting.

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Behavioral Problems

Sleep-disordered breathing is commonly misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, or other behavioral problems in children. Many of our young patients have been able to come off medication thanks to their sleep apnea treatment.

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Bedwetting is more common than you think. One in six kids (actually 18.1%) ages 4-12 suffer from bedwetting. Bedwetting can be caused by an imbalance of oxygen due to airway constriction and mouth breathing.

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Night Terrors

Despite being “asleep,” the subtle form of suffocation from the reduction in oxygen is very unsettling to the brain. It can create a “flight or fight” response and is sometimes accompanied by nightmares or night terrors—all of which results in restless sleep.

Does Your Child Breathe Through their Mouth? It's Having a Greater Impact on their Health than You Think

If you've noticed your child sleeping with their mouth open on a regular basis, it is critically important that you talk to a healthcare professional trained in pediatric sleep disorders. There are many negative consequences of mouth breathing in children, including:

  • Contributes to a constricted airway

  • Contributes to crooked teeth and mal-aligned jaws

  • Interferes with the success of orthodontic treatment

  • Impairs proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in lungs

  • Interferes with proper swallow reflex by putting the tongue in the floor of the mouth

  • Contributes to speech problems, improper swallowing, and head posture

  • Contributes to tonsil enlargement and inflammation

  • Contributes to sleep disturbances and restless sleep

  • Leads to behavioral problems and learning difficulties

  • Contributes to impaired lack of growth and development

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea in Children

When a child is experiencing symptoms and behavioral problems due to lack of sleep, it takes a toll on the whole family. Learn more about how we treat sleep apnea in children safely, effectively, and without medication.

Treatment involves the use of a series of uniquely designed oral appliances, which children wear for just a few hours during the day and/or while sleeping. These soft, comfortable appliances correct tongue posture and swallowing habits, and help create a better airway with less mouth breathing. These appliances combined with natural forces help guide facial growth and jawbone development, wider dental arches, and straighter teeth–just as nature intended–all naturally!

The final results of this innovative method are a healthy, happier child with a beautiful smile full of straight teeth… all while naturally developing the airway to support healthy breathing and normal growth and development through adulthood.

Treatment for sleep disorders and bedwetting is easy, safe, effective, and in some cases, immediate. Kids and their parents love the ability to sleep restfully and ‘dry’ throughout the night.

There are many signs and symptoms that your child may be affected by sleep-disordered breathing. We recommend completing our Home Study Assessment and bringing it in to our office for a free consultation.

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