Meet Dr. Lee Ostler

Dr. Lee Ostler is a leading Tri-Cities healthcare advocate and a leading cosmetic restorative dentist. Here, artistry meets science to provide a unique blend of caring, comfort, and the most advanced dental procedures available today.

Dr. Lee Ostler is a general and family dentist dedicated to listening to his patients and making a difference, not just with oral health but looking beyond to maintain the optimal overall well-being of every patient. He practices a state-of-the-art approach toward treating chronic gum diseases known to be linked with heart disease, brain health, diabetes and other common medical problems. He has focused his dental expertise towards the connection with the mouth and body, cosmetic dentistry, dental reconstructions and “smile makeovers”, facial pain and headaches-TMJ therapy, as well as snoring and sleep apnea appliances.

Why Dr. Lee Ostler?

Dr. Ostler is a graduate of the University of Washington, School of Dentistry. Following three years as a clinic director with the Public Health Service he established his private practice in Richland Washington. He has received advanced training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and has been a clinical instructor there teaching dentists from around the world the advanced techniques required for modern dentistry. He has also been a clinical instructor at the Baylor University and University of Kentucky Lexington post-graduate aesthetic dentistry continuums.

Dr. Ostler is actively involved in our local community. As a Board Member for the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce, he helps guide the “Good Health is Good Business” initiative. (Click here to learn more). He is also working with the Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance to bring greater awareness and involvement of our local health community, hospitals and healthcare infrastructures to teach and support hospitals and health professionals to “Bridge the Gap” between the mouth and the body. His work and influence in this regard locally is now spreading and having effect across the country as other communities are now beginning to model his work in their communities.

Lee Ostler DDS

Dr. Ostler is an author, lecturer and recognized national leader in Oral-Systemic Healthcare movement. He is a Board member and Past-President of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. He works with dentists and physicians across the country and internationally to better understand the emerging science and clinical applications of this science that brings dentists and physicians together to better manage their patient’s health and improve the health of their respective communities. When he’s not practicing dentistry, his calendar is full of traveling and speaking and business consulting engagements around the country. He is passionate about educating other health care professionals regarding the connection between the mouth and body and how to drive down healthcare costs.

With this extensive background Dr. Ostler is committed to understanding your needs and desires. He takes the time to get to know you and to help you make an informed choice regarding your dental needs. Along with creating personalized smiles he prides himself in providing the best dentistry has to offer.

On a Good day he saves a smile. On a Great day he saves a life!

In his free time ,Dr. Ostler is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family – especially his grandchildren. You can often find him at their school and sporting events, working in his garden, helping at his church, and maybe even doing a scuba dive somewhere.

A Note Straight From the Patient Seat...

From time to time our patients send in little notes, cards, thank yous and such regarding the dental work / service that we've done for them.

Gayle Talcott 04.15.16

As we go through life all types of people come into our lives. Some are soon forgotten and others find a permanent place in our hearts. Dr. Ostler and his team will always be remembered for their kindness and enhancing the quality of my life. I so appreciate the outstanding work that restored my smile and gave me the ability to speak clearly. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for your care and support during my treatment.

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