Headaches and TMJ – Taking the bite out of headaches!

Dr. Lee Ostler
Dec 19, 2016

Did you know that a “bad bite” can be (and often is) the cause of your headaches? And you thought it was you job, kids, or ‘just life’!

There is a strong connection between having headaches (tension and migraines) and having problems with your jaw joints and/or dental bite. How you use or abuse your teeth and jaws (teeth grinding and jaw bracing) has a profound effect not only on the jaw joints but also can cause headaches and face/jaw/neck pain.

Many people endure years of agonizing headaches or jaw problems, using medications and other ineffective methods (which fail to deal with the real problem) – and then realize that they come from having an unstable bite, tired muscles, injured joint, or from a posture problem. 

There is a better way…

Dr. Ostler is experienced with and uses modern techniques and TMJ Treatment measures to both diagnose and treat jaw and face pain, bite problems, and painful headaches that accompany them. Often a multi-disciplinary problem, Dr. Ostler knows when and how to utilize other health professional to assure the best outcome possible.

The bottom line is that IF the cause of your headaches and face and jaw and shoulder pain is due to your bite, all the pain medicines in the world won’t fix the real cause; they will only hurt your liver and kidney and leave you aching for a real solution.

Call now to learn how you can take the bite out of your headaches and at last find the relief you want and need. Those who do find they just don’t want to go back to living in pain.

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